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About me...

Hi! I am Mareah Ali I am profoundly deaf with a cochlear implant. Born and raised in Cardiff, I'm a self-taught photographer, a rugby & cricket fan and I'm a sucker for natural scenery!


I've started my journey with a passion for landscape photography simply due to the natural beauty in landscapes, but also due to a sense of isolation as a deaf person in a hearing world. However, I have expressed my interests in learning about deaf identity through photography whilst undertaking BA(Hons) Photography at the University of South Wales. 


I've started reaching out and meeting other deaf people where stories were exchanged about the deaf experiences in the hearing world. These stories, and my own experience, underpinned my project of trying to portray deafness - often alluded to as an invisible disability - through photography.


Creating a deaf representation through the medium of photography is a challenge in itself. I try and convey, not only an external image representation of deafness, but an internal sensory experience through a visual medium. My personal journey in creating photographic projects, showcasing the reality of being deaf, has shown that I have used my deafness as an enabler, and the camera as my tool, represent the the deaf experience. 


Connecting with creative community, and engaging with both hearing and deaf creative practitioners has become a vital part in helping me to grow. I am now actively involved with creative communities, such as Taking Flight Theatre Company where I photograph their shows and productions. I believe that engaging with other creatives and sharing ideas is a powerful way to learn and grow where possibilities are endless. 

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